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151 Automation and computer-integrated technologies

1000 7509We offer the degree programme leading to the Bachelor of Engineering in Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies. The curriculum is designed with taking into account the wide range of requirements of modern world. The Bachelor of Engineering in Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies provides a strong background in programming, electronics and microprocessing hardware, data acquisition, etc.

Official duration of programme is 4 years, full-time form of studies (240 credits ECTS).

The programme requirements in the Programme Specification includes:

- theoretical cycle (231 ECTS credits) of disciplines in the form of classroom training (lectures, seminars, and practical classes) and independent work;

- professional practice (field experience) at enterprises and institutions (9 ECTS credits);

- higher education applicants certification in the form of comprehensive state examination on the cycle of professional and practical training and the defence of qualification paper.

Credits are assigned to the student when he/she successfully passes written (or oral) tests and examinations in subjects, defends course papers, reports results of his/her practical training, passes final examinations.

Acquired competences:

Knowledge and understanding:

- understanding of general programming principles, means of current programming languages and databases

- knowledge of theoretical (logical and arithmetical) fundamentals of modern computer architecture, circuit-engineering basics of current computers

- understanding of system programming specifics, as well as the general principles of system organization and functioning of operating systems; ability to use the methods and means of developing system application elements

- knowledge of the principles, methods and means of design, construction and maintenance of computer networks of various types and purposes

- understanding of modern technologies and tools for the development of complex software systems

Application of knowledge and understanding (Applying knowledge and understanding):

- ability to create various system applications and their separate elements, system software, to design and maintain OS of various purposes, to optimize the performance of separate parts of OS

- ability to use current computer means of system, functional and technological design, to create and use WAN and LAN networks, mobile and other computer networks

- ability to create databases with various structures and purposes

Making judgments:

- competence in the usage of the existing and the development of new mathematical methods, corresponding physical laws, relevant electronics laws for solving problems related to the design and usage of computer systems and networks

- ability to develop system applications of various purposes and their separate elements, to create databases.

Academic rights: Access to further study for the academic level of Master’s Degree.

Professional rights: Employment that corresponds to the specialty of Bachelor of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies.