Department of Algebra and Mathematical Analysis

Department of algebra and mathematical analysis

The Department of Algebra and Computational Mathematics was established in 1982 (the head of the department was Associate Professor L. М. Klyatska). In 1986, the department was reorganized into the Department of Algebra and Informatics (since 1996, the head was Assoc. Prof. V. V. Atamas), in 1999 - at the Department of Algebra, Geometry and Methods of Teaching Mathematics, and later in 2005 - in the department algebra.

In 1996, the Department of Mathematics was reorganized into the department of mathematical analysis, which since then was headed by Assoc. Prof. V. К. Hryhorenko.

In 2010, by combining the chair of algebra and the chair of mathematical analysis, a department of algebra and mathematical analysis was formed (supervisor - associate professor V. V. Atamas).